Sazan Ind Mfg Co.                                      Units



Production unit 1

This unit has been successful to produce up and down steering column of various types of cars such as Pride, PK, Pazhan, Rio, Safir and some others.

The annual capacity of this part is 50000.

IN order to mention some other activities of this unit,we could call designing and manufacturing initial sample of EPS for Pride which is done with Sazan electronic and other parts cooperation.Various types of controlling cables for cars such as handy-break of Khavar 508 and 808 and some others.


Production unit 2

In this part special industrial screws and nuts are produced in the highest level of quality. They are used mostly in cars and in some other cases; some pieces are made for Railway Organization and ….

Iran Khodro Co(SAPCO), Saypa(Saze Gostar),Mehvar Khodro, MOratab Industrial Group,Kerman Khodro,Pars Khodro,Teravorous  Rail way are some of the customers.

Producing Forging Pieces is also duty of this part. Wheel wrench of Renault and Patrol, push rod of Peykan,Teravores Railway screw are some of them.

This part has also some sub department:

1-pressing part which produce metal bumper of Peykan for SAPCO.

2-pulishing, chemical coating laboratory, under pressure casting parts are some parts of this.


Production unit 3

This part is considered as one of the glamorous part of this company which manufacture various moulds and machineries of manufacturing line.

In mould-manufacturing part most of the manufacturing line requirements are designed and produced.

With efforts of knowledgeable experts of this company, in near future, this company is able to produce big moulds of body as an instance.

Some machines which are designed and produced in this part are: Wheel column test machine, pipe forming machine, pulling bar machine and some others.



Production unit 4


In this part, ball joint and constant velocity join of Pride are made for Saze Gostar and Mega Motor companies.

One of the most significant characteristic of this part is using machines which are all made inside the company, which are only done by our engineers toward being independent. Steering column test machine is used in this part.

Assembling part of this company is proud for us too because all the devices are made by our selves.

This industrial group is honored that with beseeching God, and putting a head the word of innovation and renovation in order to get independent and blocking dependency to foreign countries ,could achieve to technical science in producing CNG full-composite 4th-generation fuel cylinders in less than 2 years, with relying  on power and ability of its R&D  specialists. This is according to international standards, security and up-to-date requirements along with designing and manufacturing devices and laboratory test devices       (pressure, torsion, corrosion, coldness, impact and etc.)which was achieved in 22nd of Bahman 1389,and now is producing with the capacity of 100000 per year.


Production unit 5

One of the other part of this company which is unstalled in this company in unit 5 is Sazan Electronic Industries which starts its activities on the micro electronic field since 2005 in industrial town in the east section of the Semnan city. This company owned the first Iranian private micro electronic Fab and the area of its clean room is more than 1000m².


In 2006 the installation and operation of electronic Fab was finished and first Solar cell was produced. The production capacity of this product are 4/5 million WATT.


By the hard working of the personals the production line of the solar modular panels started in 2009.The production capacity of the solar modular panels are 10 MW per year. Since the improvement of energy consummation is one of the problems in the world, the research and development department of the company started to work on LED production and in 2010 was successful in the production hi-power LED with the 30 million per year capacity.


At the present Sazan Electronic Industries id capable to design and produce the solar power plant with the different capacities.

The other activities of this company are the production of the LED lights and the design of the lighting system for the lighting of streets and industrial shops, and the capacity of the light production with different power is 400,000 lights per year.


AT this time Sazan Electronic Industries is involve in installation and operation of the first Iranian centralized and the large power plant with the capacity of 10 MW in Semnan city. The ownership of this power plant is private and belongs to Sazan Electronic Industries.

Technology unit

This part is one of the most important parts of this company whose goal is to produce all the equipment for establishing an industrial company.


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